Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Giant Among Us (SLJ)

Hai Blogging Unicorns!

Today's task from the SLJ is to write about an endemic tree in NZ. In more information, it told us if we won't meet this tree and why? And here is what I think of this tree if I want to meet it and why.

If I had the opportunity to meet this tree I would because I think that not many people may be able to visit or get a glance of this tree. I also think yes because it is an endemic tree in our country and you'd probably see a sculpture in the museum. The last reason I want to meet this tree is that it is called the 'Tane Mahuta" (I can't put a macron on top on the 'a' in Tane) and Tane Mahuta means 'The Lord of the forest'.

That's All For Today, Bai!

Ice, Ice Baby (SLJ)

Hai Blogging Unicorns!

This task was from yesterday but I was doing other jobs and going places. So in this task, we have to write positive things to create a digital footprint. I was really tired and I became sleepy, and I ran out of ideas but its probably because of my tiredness. Well anyways here is the footprint and there are about few words.

I'm really sorry if it's really bad and I really mean it but that's all for now, Bai!

Monday, 17 December 2018

North & South (SLJ)

Hai Blogging Unicorns,

The second blog post of the day is about North & South Island in NZ or part of NZ. The activity is to think about my hometown and describe it. Without any further a due let's start with our writing.

My hometown is Auckland but I live in a quiet Avenue there's barely any children here and that's one thing I hate is that it's lonely but I also like it at the same time because it's really peaceful and no kids crying and yelling from the top of their lungs. I love it when our neighbor's granddaughter comes, her name is Bianca (I'm not sure how to spell it) and yes she is a girl also she may be around 1 year, 1 year and few months or nearly a year old.

When I go help my Mum & Dad at the restaurant or shop, just in case you don't know what they're called they are a restaurant: Taro Leaf Polynesian Cafe and shop: Era Superette. In our restaurant, we always play or do responsibilities the same at our shop but we also eat (for free... hehe).

That's all for today, Blog You Later, Bai!

The Legend of NZ (SLJ)

Hai Blogging Unicorns!

Today I'm starting the SLJ, I'm doing at this time because I was really busy but today we have to describe a/the Maori legend in 3 facts. Here are my facts I found and the site I found them on.

1. Aotearoa is the Maori way to say New Zealand because Aotearoa means the land of the long white cloud.

2. In NZ the most language used is English and Maori but you may still talk your cultural way to other friends and family members.

3. A fact that I may not have known of is that 30% of NZ is a forest

That's All For Today, Blog You Later, Bai!!!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Setting Sail in NZ

Hai Blogging Unicorns!

Hi, It Kanishka and Meghan from the SLJ. I'm doing a activity from the Summer Learning Journey, archived content (last year). The activity was to write a letter about myself sailing to NZ. Here is my letter

Dear People,

I'm Kanishka, today I decided set sail to NZ, my heart was beating really fast that I packed everything untidily (something I don't usually do) and chucked everything into a cloth of fabric and tied it tightly on to a stick. I ran to the waka because we had nothing else to go in since we can't swim all the way there. I jumped on the boat with my stuff and we departed from my island (Fiji).

After some days that turned in to weeks, weeks that turned into months and months turned into years. We finally arrived to NZ, it was peaceful and quiet with the birds chirping. I was excited I started to build my own hut with the wood chopped onto the ground and that's when I realised that NZ was my... new home.

That's All For Today, Blog You Later, Bai!

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Hai Blogging Unicorns!

Today's task was to do some research about a famous Christmas tree. Since this is our task I may need to give you a reminder to...  PUT UP YOUR CHRISTMAS TREES (only if you celebrate Christmas). Something easy I found in this was choosing a Christmas Tree. Something hard I experienced was doing the research because some of the trees I found were really challenging to find information about. I put a lot of effort into this re-search so I hope you understand and enjoy!
Here is my re-search!

What's your favourite Christmas tree that is popular? Let Me KNOW!!!
That's All For Today, Hoped You Enjoyed, Blog You Later, Bai!!!

Monday, 3 December 2018

Christams Culture!

Hai Blogging Unicorns!

Today's task was to do a "10 days of Christmas" challenge (what I really mean
 that there is 10 days of school before the holidays). We are doing this because in the school holidays some people are going to do the Summer Learning Journey. The Summer Learning Journey is when you blog about things you learn, like subjects in school because when you come to school there are 'cobwebs' in your brain. How do you celebrate Christmas? LET ME KNOW! Hoped You Enjoyed, That's All For Today, Blog You Later, BAI!