Thursday, 13 December 2018

Setting Sail in NZ

Hai Blogging Unicorns!

Hi, It Kanishka and Meghan from the SLJ. I'm doing a activity from the Summer Learning Journey, archived content (last year). The activity was to write a letter about myself sailing to NZ. Here is my letter

Dear People,

I'm Kanishka, today I decided set sail to NZ, my heart was beating really fast that I packed everything untidily (something I don't usually do) and chucked everything into a cloth of fabric and tied it tightly on to a stick. I ran to the waka because we had nothing else to go in since we can't swim all the way there. I jumped on the boat with my stuff and we departed from my island (Fiji).

After some days that turned in to weeks, weeks that turned into months and months turned into years. We finally arrived to NZ, it was peaceful and quiet with the birds chirping. I was excited I started to build my own hut with the wood chopped onto the ground and that's when I realised that NZ was my... new home.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Hai Blogging Unicorns!

Today's task was to do some research about a famous Christmas tree. Since this is our task I may need to give you a reminder to...  PUT UP YOUR CHRISTMAS TREES (only if you celebrate Christmas). Something easy I found in this was choosing a Christmas Tree. Something hard I experienced was doing the research because some of the trees I found were really challenging to find information about. I put a lot of effort into this re-search so I hope you understand and enjoy!
Here is my re-search!

What's your favourite Christmas tree that is popular? Let Me KNOW!!!
That's All For Today, Hoped You Enjoyed, Blog You Later, Bai!!!

Monday, 3 December 2018

Christams Culture!

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Today's task was to do a "10 days of Christmas" challenge (what I really mean
 that there is 10 days of school before the holidays). We are doing this because in the school holidays some people are going to do the Summer Learning Journey. The Summer Learning Journey is when you blog about things you learn, like subjects in school because when you come to school there are 'cobwebs' in your brain. How do you celebrate Christmas? LET ME KNOW! Hoped You Enjoyed, That's All For Today, Blog You Later, BAI!


Hai Blogging Unicorns!

Today I’m writing about when I went to WAIKOWHAI INTERMEDIATE! In Waikowhai Intermediate,
we sat down in the hall with some of mums (the dads were somewhere else busy XD) but Ina’s
mum didn’t come (sad life). Me, Ina and Mandita crossed our fingers hard as we can until… my
name was called out and then MY FRIENDS NAME. I was bursting with excitement when we
arrived to our class. Our new teachers name for next year is Ms Baker(in Rm 9), a fact about
her is that she is new to Waikowhai Intermediate and she use to work at Hillsborough Primary.
We were scared to introduce ourselves but I introduced myself because I knew that we are
gonna be with each other for 1 or 2 years. When we came back to the hall we had to walk
back to school.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

A Sad Animation!

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Today in my class watched a little movie about a dog and a boy then after that we had to write some writing form the boys POV( point of view) and the dogs POV( point of veiw).

 Here is my writing!!

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018


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Today's task was to find a kiwi kids news article and then act out what happened. In my group there were a lot of people, in fact we were suppose to have 2-3 people in our groups or emerge our groups (thats wat we did), in our group there was... Fehi, Sariah, Yazmine, Ina, Faisal, Simon, Zion, Mekilini, Brooklyn and Me, Kanishka. After this we recorded our acts with an Ipad and uploaded the videos into our chromebooks (what im blogging on right now). Here is a link to the article

Here are all the kiwi kids news videos

Hoped You Enjoyed, That's All For Today, Make Sure To Stay Tuned For Another Blog Post, Blog You Later, Bai!

My prediction for BIGB (Boys in the girls Bathroom)

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In class we have been reading the novel ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom’ by Louis Sachar. We are nearly at the end of the story and this is what I think will happen.

I think that the birthday party may go bad but then they will fix the problem in the end and become friends. Bradley and Melinda will create a scene but make it up to each other. Bradley will become much more mature and responsible but Carla may get a certificate/award for being a phenomenal school council.

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