Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Our Pest Tracker Experiment

Kia ora blogging world,

In room 8 we have made a pest tracker so we can find out if there are any pests at our school, also that is why there are some milk bottles around our school that we left on Saturday and Sunday. When we came back on Monday we saw something has gone different and wrong. There were no sign that the footprints of the pest weren't there, but there was good news because the milk bottle we put peanut butter in, most of the peanut butter was gone.

We made a pest tracker because we are learning about New Zealand Native birds and keeping them from being endangered or extinct and the pest are making our precious New Zealand Native birds get endangered, and we want to save our Beautiful New Zealand Native birds by tracking the pests and where they could be. Also here is a picture of our milk bottle when we brought into our class room.