Monday, 14 November 2016

Cyber smart game

Kio ora bloggers,

On Friday I have been playing this cyber smart game but first I read the rules it was like snakes and ladders but different  here are the rules for the cyber smart game.
To start the game you need a dye
1. roll the dye
2. then jump how many times the dye shows you
3. Where ever you land on then click on the place you landed
4. Always stay fun

What I have been learning
I have been learning about this cyber smart games also I think that you should play it because it teaches you new things. The cyber smart game is a fun and teaches you new learning things like the elements for a quality blog comment also I only learned three of them.
Here is a screenshot of the five elements.

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  1. Hello Kanishka,
    Here is some feedback on your blog. I hope this helps you improve.

    By Gargee